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Chronic foot pain shouldn’t stop you in your tracks. That’s why PROFOOT created its full line of footcare products that keep your feet in top shape. From insoles and inserts to foot creams and more, PROFOOT has a solution that’ll have your feet feeling better, so you can do more than ever.

A lot of research and development has gone into the creation of every PROFOOT product. We consult with top podiatrists, biomechanical engineers, and other leading footcare professionals to ensure that we make the best products that support and care for your feet. This way, nothing slows you down. Hardworking feet need hardworking products to take care of them. Our insoles provide support and cushioning where you need it most. And relieve foot pain and fight fatigue so you can keep going all day.

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Your feet don’t have to suffer just because you spend your weekends out and about. With PROFOOT’s insoles and full range of footcare products, you’ll have the support to scale a mountain, tackle a marathon, or enjoy as many long walks in the park as you like.

No matter what the style shoe, PROFOOT has a solution that’ll keep you walking tall. Whether it’s in a 5-inch stiletto or brand new sandal you’re just breaking in.

About Us

   is a product development and distribution company that takes pride in bringing the highest quality offerings to the North American market.

Celebrating over 30 years in business Counseltron has developed an array of products focused in various areas, synonymous with superiority and service, as well as solidified strong partnerships with well known household brands.

“by utilizing our creativity and overseas capabilities, we will continue to provide innovative products and programs with a “value proposition” to North American retailers.”   READ MORE


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