Bathroom Organizers

402708 - Artic Corner shelf

Triangular wired shelf that fits perfectly in the corner and sticks to your wall.

402710 - Artic Corner Tall shelf

Tall Triangular wired shelf that fits perfectly in the corner and sticks to your wall.

402714 - Artic Hair Drier Holder

Wired holder that sticks to your wall.

402716 - Large shelf with soap holder and tumbler

Wired shelf that sticks to your wall, with soap holder and tumblr.

402718 - Artic Toilet Paper Holder

Store your hair dryer neatly and efficiently with Metaltex's new hair dryer holder.

402732 - Artic Double Hook/Razor Holder

A complete bathroom line to hang without drilling.

402734 - Artic Toothbrush Holder

Holds up to 4 toothbrushes while sticking to your wall.

403703 - Orbit 1 Tier Oval Shelf

Upscale design, maximum functionality.

403707 - Orbit 1 Tier Corner Shelf

Corner shaped wired shelf that sticks to your walls.

403711 - Orbit 1 Tier Shower Caddy

Hangs from your shower head to keep all your items right in reach.

403718 - Orbit 3 Tiers Storage Rack

Standing storage rack with 3 levels.

403720 - Orbit Toilet Roll Holder

Standing toilet roll holder, with built in tray.

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