Cooking Accessories - Indoor

MITTMT - Max Temp Oven Mitt

The Lodge Handle mitt's steam barrier, heavy cotton batting, and thick terry lining all combine to provide heat protection to 450º F.

SCRAPERCOMBO - Combination Grill/Pan Scraper (2 pack)

One standard red pan scraper and one black grill pan scraper are paired together to make the go to cast iron cleaning kit.

SCRAPERGPK - Grill Pan Scraper (2 pack)

Durable polycarbonate Grill Pan Scraper assists with clean-up duty after meals.

SCRAPERPK - Pan Scraper (2 pack)

Durable polycarbonate Pan Scraper assists with clean-up duty after meals.

SCRBRSH - Scrub Brush

Our new and improved scrub brush features an ergonomic design and dense bristles that make short work of dish duty.

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