Heat Treated

H3SK - Heat Treated Cast Iron Skillet 6.5"

Scrambled eggs, conrbread or seared chicken breasts are natural selections for these classic skillets.

H5MIC - Heat Treated Cast Iron Cover 5 Inch

his snug fitting lid keeps moisture in. Seasoned with vegetable oil and ready to use.X

H5MS - Heat Treated Cast Iron Skillet 5 Inch

Great table presentation and the cast iron construction makes for perfect baked treats every time.

H5SK - Heat Treated Cast Iron Skillet 8"

The perfect size to be your egg skillet. The 8" is one of our classics, and is a must for any home.

HCK - Heat Treated Cast Iron Country Kettle

Versatile and functional, the Lodge Country Kettle is perfect for preparing and serving individual chicken pot pies, soups, stews and even cobblers!

HGSK - Heat Treated Cast Iron Guitar Skillet

Sing your favorite tunes while preparing biscuits, cornbread or scones.

HM16OS - Heat Treated Cast Iron Oval Mini Server 16 Ounce

From fine dining to home cooking, Lodge servers add authenticity to any table.

HMSB - Heat Treated Cast Iron Mini Serving Bowl 12 Ounce

12 ounces of irresistible culinary magic. Savory soups and stews are natural compliments.

HMSOV - Heat Treated Cast Iron Oval Mini Server 09 Ounce

This 9 ounce Lodge mini server will enhance any cookware offering.

HMSRC - Heat Treated Cast Iron Rectangle Mini Server 10 Ounce

The 10 ounce cast iron mini server is perfect for individual casseroles, pot pies or side dishes.

HMSRD - Heat Treated Cast Iron Round Mini Server 14 Ounce

This round mini server will enhance any cookware offering.

HMSS - Heat Treated Cast Iron Square Mini Server 10 Ounce

Appetizers, hot or cold, fit right in with our 10-ounce Square Mini Server. Fruit Cobblers are immediate classics!

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