Baking Accessories

10285 - Pastry Brush 8.5” / 21.6 cm

Go ahead and mop on the sauce! The basting pastry brushes clean up easily. Sturdy enough to handle heavy BBQ sauce and gentle enough to butter pastry.

10380 - Cookie & Biscuit Cutters

Special scalloped edge for a fancy design. Easy to grip handles to help cut out your favourite cookies, biscuits or pastries.

10683 - Measuring Cups

Brushed stainless steel measuring cups.

10688 - Measuring Cups

6 pieces in ABS. Includes a Scraper.

10700 - Measuring Cups

Professional quality weight measuring spoons. It suitable for home and restaurant use.

10950 - Duet 2 in 1 Spatula & Spoon (4 colours)

This duet silicone 2 in 1 spatula spoon helps to take care of your baking needs.

10956 - Scoop 5 oz

This forged cast steel scoop is used in aiding the feeding process. Its deep sides ensure a hardy scoop with less spills.

11025 - Thermoplastic Spatula

Handle Plastic, Handle Colour White.
Material: Thermoplastic.

16016 - "Fuego" Silicone Basting Brush

This silicone basting brush helps with hygiene in eliminating having bristles in your food.

16051 - Egg & Pancake Rings

Available in different assorted shapes. Handle folds flat to store.

16059 - Cake Server

It is the perfect item to serve your cake and pastries to your guests.

222210 - Chocolate Mould Tray Heart Shaped with Footed Tray

The fun way to make chocolates is using this flexible silicone mould.

222211 - Chocolate Mould Tray Shell Shaped with Footed Tray

The fun way to make chocolates is using this flexible silicone mould.

222230 - Cake Pops Mould

Cake pops are a fun way to entertain your family and guests.

235160 - Mixing Bowl Splatter Guard

Mixing bowl splatter guard with transparent cover for monitoring.

252344 - Cannoli Moulds (Set of 4)

Easiest way to create cannoli and cream horns.

252362 - Cookie Cutters Circle & Heart Shaped (Set of Double)

These cookie cutters create a base layer and top layer with a hole to fill your jam and filling in between.

252364 - Double Cookie Cutters Flowers & Rhombus Shaped (Set of 2)

This product is deal for that jam filled cookie lover.

252371 - Cookie Cutters with Ejector Single Hole

These cookie cutters are ideal for homemade jam cookie lover bad are the perfect item for throwing a party.

252372 - Cookie Cutters with Three Hole Ejector

Ejector button releases ready-cut dough from the cutter with ease.

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