Baking Accessories

252373 - Cookie Cutters with Ejector Flower Shaped

These cookie cutters are ideal for homemade jam cookie lover bad are the perfect item for throwing a party.

252414 - Cupcake & Muffin Decorating Set

Decorating set ideal for muffins and cupcakes.

252416 - Set of 2 Decorating Spoons

Create professional chef plate presentations. Simply fill the spoon with sauce and draw your design over a plate.

252420 - Cake Decorating Set

This easy to use cake decorating set makes decorating cakes easy.

252425 - Disposable Bags

Disposable bags make decorating with icing easy and clean-up a breeze.

252427 - Double Colour Decorating Bag

This double colour decorating bag comes with two different nozzles for different icing textures and 20 extra large disposable dual icing bags.

252533 - "Chocolat" Spreading Knife

This item is deal for spreading your chocolate and spreads on your bread and pastries.

252960 - Decorating Squeeze Bottle 375ml

Decorate your dishes with imagination. Sauces, syrups, marmalades etc.

252964 - Decorating Squeeze Bottle 700ml

Decorate your dishes with imagination. Sauces, syrups, marmalades etc.

256015 - Fondue Skimmers

Set of 3 fondue skimmers.

257702 - Cake Tester

A great way to make sure your cakes are baked is by simply inserting the spike into the cake when it is cooked.

257704 - Cupido Cake With Leveller/Slicer

Leveller/slicer with ergonomic handle and adjustable stainless wire.

259120 - Nesting Cookie Cutters Star Shapes (Set of 4)

Make star shaped cookies, biscuits and sandwiches.

259122 - Heart Shaped Set of 4 Nesting Cookie Cutters

Makes heart shaped cookies, biscuits and sandwiches.

259124 - Cookie Cutters Over Mug (Set of 6)

Ideal for cutting all kinds of food into fun shapes.

260125 - Whisk Mix 10”

The whisk mix features a high quality silicone that is permanently bonded so it won't slip, slide or tear.

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