Fruits and Veggie Gadgets

10675 - Potato Masher

The ideal multi purpose masher - thanks to its three stainless steel interchangeable disks.

10810CS - Garlic Peeler

Incredible stripper, peels garlic instantly.

16052 - Torpedo Food Processor

Versatile, quick and easy to use. With three tools for different purposes.

16053 - Solemio Food Mill

PP turning knob and body. Stainless steel bar and disks.

16073 - Lemon Squeezer

Ideal for extracting juice while straining out seeds and pulp.

204510 - Dual Purpose Egg Slicer

It is a dual purpose egg slicer. It cuts in 3 different ways: round, oval or wedges.

204634 - Apple Slicer / Corer

Core and slice apples and pears with ease with this apple wedger.

204636 - "Miss Apple" Apple Corer With Ejector

Large shaft: removes cores from apples and pears.

204650 - Pineapple Peeler & Corer

Tropical fruit lovers will appreciate the ease with which this specialty utensil removes pineapple core.

204652 - "SIr Pineapple" Pineapple Peeler, Corer and Slicer

It easily makes perfect pineapple rings with no mess.

204656 - "Dr Avocado" Avocado Multiple Tool 5 in 1

Ideal for preparing delicious guacamole since it facilitates the whole process of extraction of the pulp.

204660 - "Granada" Pomegranate Deseeder

Enjoy the health benefits of fresh pomegranate. Quickly deseed the fruit.

204664 - "Mrs. Berry" Strawberry Huller & Slicer Set

Easily removes the leaves and hull.

204670 - "Mr. Banana" Banana Slicer with Two Cutters

Slice bananas in one movement, with two different thicknesses.

204672 - "Banana 'n Go" Expandable Banana Carrying Box

Expandable banana carrying box.

232210 - Kitchen Scissors

High quality corrosion resistant stainless steel. Micro-serrated blade edge for slip-proof cutting.

232270 - Lettuce Knife

With special blade: prevents the vegetables from turning brown when sliced.

238234 - Garlic Press

Inventive design features powerful lever action and handle for extra comfort.

238252 - Salad Serving Set

This salad serving set is just the right size, not just for dessert, but for everyday use.

241515 - "Minny" Parsley Mill

This "Minny" parsley mill is very easy to use.

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