Meat and Seafood Tools

10252 - Baster

Used for flavouring anything you are cooking or grilling.

10590 - Gravy Separator

When you are making gravy and sauce, use this cup to separate meat and poultry juices from fat immediately.

11154 - Meat Thermometer

Dial indicator allows you to preset temperature viewing to see when poultry and meats are done.

16049 - Snail Picks (Set of 6) 2.75” / 7 cm

Set of 6.

16066 - Snail Tongs (Set of 2)

These stainless steel snails tongs are spoon-shaped to grasp shells securely.

16067 - Oyster Forks (Set of 4)

Set of 4 oyster forks.

238009 - Long Fish Turner

This spatula is perfect for turning fillets and even whole fish!

238012 - Meat Fork

It is perfect for lifting, flipping, and holding foods secure while carving with a heat-resistant ABS handle.

250630 - Nut Cracker

This cracker with double jaw design is heavy duty and long lasting.

250936 - Multi-purpose Tong

Anti-scratch: ideal for non stick pans.

250960 - Multi-purpose Locking Tongs

Anti-scratch, ideal for non stick pans. With locking system.

251034 - Snail Forks

Two ponged design for those who enjoy snail/ escargot or other seafood dishes.

251722 - Meat Mincer Dough Shaper

High performance device with 2 tempered steel discs to mince meat, buts and vegetables.

251805 - Professional Poultry Scissors

Stainless steel shears snip through chicken bones effortlessly.

255905 - "Macho Meat" Heavy Duty Tenderizer

Ergonomically designed santoprene handle for easy gripping.

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