PL8-1000 - Professional Mandoline

Strength, simplicity and safety inspired the design of our Professional Mandoline.

PL8-1005 - Professional Mandoline Black

Our PL8 Professional Mandoline is striking in design and rich in function.

PL8-1055 - Professional Cubing Mandoline (Black)

Our PL8 Professional Cubing Mandoline is the latest result of decades of slicing expertise.

PL8-1098 - Professional Spiralizer Black

Slice beautiful spirals and ribbons of vegetables with the PL8® Professional Spiralizer.

PL8-1099 - Professional Spiralizer

Slice beautifull spirals and ribbons of vegetables with the PL8® Professional Spiralizer.

Herb Saver Petit

PL8-1201 - Herb Saver Petite

Our new PL8™ Herb Saver Petite is the perfect compact size for bundles of freshly picked or grocery packed herbs.

PL8-1350 - Artisan Pizza Wheel

Our PL8® Artisan Pizza Wheel features a stainless steel blade to cut through pizzas and doughs with ease.

Fresh Butter Maker

PL8-1500 - Fresh Butter Maker

Churn heavy whipping cream into fresh, homemade butter in minutes using our PL8 Fresh Butter Maker.

Soft Butter Keeper

PL8-1550 - Soft Butter Keeper

A modern interpretation on the traditional butter keeper, our PL8 Soft Butter Keeper keeps homemade ...

Professional Chopper

PL8-1600 - Professional Chopper

The strength and versatility of our PL8™ Professional Chopper truly set it above the rest.

Presse Salad Spinner

PL8-1700 - Presse Salad Spinner

The smart design of our PL8™ Salad Spinner makes it simple to use and store.

PL8-1900 - Simple Release Garlic Press

Infuse the vibrant flavor of fresh garlic into any dish using our sleek PL8® Garlic Press.

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